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Originally Posted by Plasmajab View Post
That is a huge cap.. Mine is 254 pounds and its fiberglass.. I'd wager that has to be close if not more.

Does it extend over the sides of the cab much? Do you have a front picture?
I did take a front pic, but canít open the hosting site to retrieve it at the moment. Iíll add it when I can by editing this post or making a fresh one.

The cap is about 1Ē narrower than the cab at the leading edge of the bed. From there it tapers at a steeper angle than the cab, so it protrudes a couple of inches from the top of the cab. This cap was originally on a 2004 Tacoma, so some of the fitment anomalies could be due to that, though it didnít match the Taco cab especially well, either. I suspect A.R.E. makes the roof panel the same size across the DCU line, so the sides get more vertical if a raised roof is specíd.

My longer-term plans are to narrow and change the roof panel so that the sides lean in and the cap tucks in behind the cab proper. This will be a major de/reconstruction of the cap to optimize its work/play/travel roles. Iím accumulating parts and materials for now in hopes of diving deeper into the project this coming spring. I worked for over a decade making signs and awnings with 1Ēx1Ē square aluminum tubing, so Iím very familiar with the material and look forward to tweaking this cap to my liking.

Later in the week, Iíll post some sketches of what Iím thinking about.
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