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Finally got the Volt back after nearly three months in the shop Golf clap to GM and the dealership

I've never heard of a repair taking that long, houses are built quicker than that. The GM strike added about five weeks to the process, but even with that delay it was too long in my opinion. Seemed to be a lot of back and forth between the shop and GM, with GM finally caving and coughing up the new transmission. But I'm glad to have it back anyway, and hopefully with a brand new transmission it will go more than two days between visits to the shop like this time!

It will take me a while to trust the car again, every time I slowed down yesterday on the way home I prepared for the worst. If I hadn't sunk a bunch of money in it already I would consider trading it in, although anything I'd trade it in for would feel like a step backwards . . . .

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