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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
Antarctica is gaining while the North is loosening. The Midwest has plenty of ice and snow right now. Mega-hail is trending toward the East.

On rereading I was hasty.

It was beating a dead horse at Permalink #1. But beating up the people beating the dead horse was fun.

As for myself, the genetic engineering drama will play out under the cloud of the inexorable solar micro-nova. Per today's S0, the North and South magnetic poles are racing toward Indonesia.
Any comment about Antarctica gaining ice better provide context.In a warmer Antarctic,you're going to see more evaporation and precipitation.The downside is,that the new foehn winds blow the snow off the continent before it all can accumulate into ice.Ice accumulation in the interior neglects to mention the lower,warmer coastline elevations, and no mention of ice shelves melting from below at the grounding line,from warmer ocean temps,which when they break off,un-cork glaciers which accelerate into the surrounding oceans,which is exactly what's happening.Satellite,remote-sensing won't necessarily pickup on the enormous voids developing under the ice.And wait 'til you see glaciers,whose bases are underwater,float off the continent.
We're talking about an ice cube,147-miles on a side,which would require a rocket ship to reach the top.
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