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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Did you control for camera level? Are both ends of the road at the same pixel height?

I noticed a height discrepancy too, but it didn't seem like something that would greatly affect the outcome. The truck probably weighs more and has bigger tires, so it's going to win.
I think these tug of wars always were stupid, are still stupid, and will always be stupid. That said, torque doesn't matter if the truck has enough to spin its tires if held in place. Most 4wds are really 2wd, some are 3wd and very few are actually 4wd. This is where a Power Wagon would dominate. Real lockers front and rear and its weight would be very difficult to beat. The Model X has traction control and it searches the tires for the best traction but does it actually lock up all 4 wheels? I don't think so. Usually the way to win these goofy things is to wait with your foot planted on the brakes, the other truck probably will have trouble dragging your dead weight with all 4 tires locked up on good pavement. Now with your left foot on the brake start giving it gas with your right foot and get into your powerband. When the other guy starts spinning his tires a little you got him, he has wasted his traction pulling your brakes and now you can let off your brakes and pull his now spinning tires.
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