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Fast Lane EV tow testing

Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Not a test of towing power, a test of dead weight and traction. A towing test would be to hook a max rated trailer up with a big frontal aera and go up a mountain pass to check power, down the other side to check braking, or down a flat piece of interstate to check economy. TFLtruck on u-tube does these tests very fair and consistently for most trucks, I look forward to their test of the Cybertruck in 3 years.
I've watched three of their tests with the Tesla Model X pulling trailers (Can Electric Cars Tow?)It will be a while before I can comment.The most crucial data is omitted from the presentation,and there's incoherent methodologies used.Quite a can of worms!
PS They're astounded when the Model X uses over 1,000 Wh/mi pulling up the Loveland Pass grade on I-70,while failing to mention the 3,839 Wh/mi the Ram pickup used, returning 278-mile range,from a 1.375 MWh 'battery.'

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