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Originally Posted by TheEnemy View Post
They did so with the Model X, performance wise it did real well. It was a worst case scenario, the trailer empty weighed as much as the tow rating so it wound up being the highest aero drag possible. It climbed faster than most were capable of, and the regenerative braking meant they rarely had to hit the brakes. They did find that they got about 1/3 of the range, they were not driving conservatively. Engineering Explained did a good episode on why the range is so short.

I am expecting the Cybertruck to loose about 50% of its range pulling my trailer, which is why I want the option to get the larger battery pack for the dual motor.
The Popular Mechanics' 2013 Tundra SR5 CrewMax,towing 10,000-lbs,dropped from 21.6 mpg,to 10.4 mpg,getting only 48% of its solo mpg.
The 2013 Titan,pulling its rated load,got 49.5% of its solo mpg.
The Tesla Model X,pulling the 4,500-lb,Cimmaron,16-foot,Showstar horse trailer,away from the mountains got 42-mpg.
The Ram pickup, which they love, got 17-mpg
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