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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
It wasn't the worst aerodynamics possible, it was a nice v nosed cargo trailer if I remember right. There are plenty of 8' wide, 10' high campers with an awning on the side and a A/c on the roof that are within the tow rating, and would be a more common usage for a $100k family car. Not many painters or carpet cleaners are going to use the model X to tow their cargo trailer. When they lost 2/3 of the range they were towing a teardrop sized micro camper. The range dropping to just 1/3 is going to be a best case scenario towing a real camper behind the Cybertruck. Next problem will be with twice the battery, it's going to take twice as long to recharge.
That's probably a good working number.So far,the best I've seen was the Model 3 pulling a Happier Camper,HC1,from Santa Monica,Calif. up to Mojave,a 2500-ft climb,at 55-mph,returning 373 Wh-mi,89.5 mpge,164-miles range.
Into the mountains,towards Lonepine,and down to as bad as 707.6 Wh/mi.,with an average 555 Wh/mi.,60.18 mpge and 110 miles range.
The Long Range Model 3 will help.Cybertruck is anticipated at 200-kWh.Should be interesting to see how things shake out in 2021.
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