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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Probably a partial grill block for winter since you said the engine is not getting warm enough.
An air dam, how high or how low it goes is up to you.
GM claimed on their 2000s trucks that came with a factory tonneu cover increased fuel economy 6% on the highway.
Ford claimed that on their 2000s trucks that going from a 75mm chin spoiler or air dam to a 100mm air dam chin spoiler increased fuel economy by 1.5%.
When I put a 7 inch air dam on my suburban it was good for at least 1 full mpg no more than 1.5mpg.

Thereare also plug in heaters, block heaters and coolant warmers.
whole front is blocked, cover was over the cooling stack. Going to fab up a 100% front grill block this weekend to prevent the airflow into the engine compartment. I will let the fans handle the cooling.

I have a pace edwards tonneau, rollup canister type that will stay. Love it and not willing to part with it.

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