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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
Finally got the Volt back after nearly three months in the shop Golf clap to GM and the dealership
The reason I will never own a Ford product was due to them never returning my car. After having it for 3 weeks, I got into an accident (head on in a snowing on top of icy road conditions), and took it back to the dealer to have it repaired. I was not hurt (was going less than 30 and had my seat belt on).

I never touched the car again. They had it for 99 days when they asked me to return to the dealership... they wanted the rental back as they had sold it. (I rented a car from the dealership also).

I fell in love with this car when I lived in Korea (it was a Kia) and when I came back to the States and having dealt with several used cars crapping out on me (including a K car engine seizing while going down the highway), I finally bought a new car, badged by Ford but made by Kia.

If you care to know more, I can relate the whole story, but it drove me insane how I had bought this car, eventually made 6 payments on it before I stopped. Everything was thru Ford: Dealership/Bodyshop/car rental/car financing. Worst experience ever. I now other dealerships and manufacturers play games, but this is my horror story.

I brought this up because most people refuse to believe a place will keep a car that long, but as you are well aware, it happens and it sucks.

I never blamed the car, I blamed the dealership and the insurance company. (The insurance company came clean when I started legal action against them, the dealership didn't even bat an eye)

But for your situation, I could see why you would not trust the car.
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