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And the nabors dog will not allow me to brake the plane of the property line
If your neighbor's dog is that finely tuned, then lucky you. I'm surrounded by tiny trailers that have little dogs inside that go off, and their enablers shouting 'shut up! shut up!'.
The rear mount IC idea would be for after 150mph when going for a LSR .
I guess I get it. It looked like it was already halfway done.

This likely the first picture I ever posted on Ecomodder. I wanted to suck air through the Beetle's back window to create a 'roostertail' full of downforce:

The seats would have been an EMPI fiberglass rear [bucket] seat moved forward, IOW teardrops around the X-point (posteriors).

For the 4" steel wire brush U-shaped air dam, just drive on concrete roads for the first 10s of mile until it 'seats in'.
The only reason that the chicken is not gone extinct is because they're so delicious that we breed them at a very high rate to ensure that we don't run out of Chris Ray Gun

Don't Californicate Oregon

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