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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
I was having problems with my engine not getting up to temperature this year too.

I replaced the 1.0L with water cooled exhaust with a 2.4L motor, and found that when it started getting colder, with the wind blowing through the grille over the front of the engine block it would never warm up enough to open the thermostat, nevermind running heat. I found that putting some plastic in front of the engine block to deflect air away from it helped tremendously, it now warms up to the point the thermostat opens and stabilizes there.

Anyway, this is great. Following with interest.
Interesting... I believe I am having a similar issue. ONe fan is disconnected, half the block is remove from the cooling stack and it finally reaches operating temps 45 mintues into the drive home. Both fans were connected until Saturday. The cooling system is touch... very touchy. If the fan switch is set too low, it'll never make it. Bump it up some and its better but still not like it should be. Need to get better control over the EWP & the fans. When I had the mechanical water pump, it was not an issue.
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