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little jona - '91 Dodge D 250 first gen cummins LE
Team Streamliner
90 day: 23.4 mpg (US)

Little Jona airo modded - '91 Dodge RAM 3/4 TON D 250 24 AUTO
Team Cummins
90 day: 18.5 mpg (US)

The Salted Hound Jenny. - '87 Dodge Ram 50/D-50 5sp 4X4
90 day: 20.24 mpg (US)

Jona Allison aero - '91 Dodge Ram D-250 Le
90 day: 20.63 mpg (US)
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I'd love to throw a 10.5" 14bolt with 3.08 gears Detroit locker and disk brakes, if you could send me a link to a sorce For the gears.

85 with 3.08, 31.7" tires , is 1693 in 6th gear,(.61) 1971 in 5th(.71).
This makes prime speeds @ 1900 (splitting peek hp and peek TQ) are 58 4th(1.0), 82 5th(.71), 95 6th(.61)

Originally Posted by Frank View Post
I've kind of lost track of where you are with this project; are you shooting for 2020 and which event?
2 more major purchases left (for130mph). Hoping for 2020 world of speed.
1 a devorced Drop Box from SCS (a midmount quick change single speed transfer case)
suitable tire and wheel package (100v rated min100(Y) would be ideal)

Jan i installed a Hx35. Improved spool and increased max pressure by 5psi

February I visited Aerohead, he donated all the personal safty gear needed through 150mph, helmet, fire sute, and parachutes needed for 178 and up.

April I installed a 6sp Allison trans witch got me to103mph from 92.5from the stock RH46.69OD. With better OD 5th .71 6th .61 and lockup torque convertor. Makes it like 7gears.

July-sept , I tested a BW S366/80 .80(16cm) turbo with and without a custom 2 into 1 t-3 spacer ,reduces the exhaust housing size by hafe. turns too big by 1-3 sizes for current OEM fule settings only able to muster 10psi(12psi was stock) into 20psi with spacer/ reducer(3 psi better than upgraded stock ). I got the injectors repoped to 258bar and spray pattern confirmed(they were down to 209bar). Reinstalled HX35 with the BD Diverter valve (quick spool valve, QSV) dose the same as the 2 into 1 spacer under low boost but opens to full flow by 20psi. Almost spools 1psi @ idle takes ~50 egt bump to hit 1psi, this is down from 200+ in gear.

Installed a MPG 12C from The Sensor Connection. Com. 12probe egt with max recall, 3 minute color graph display, 4 alarm set points (2 for all egt and 2 for the rest "CHT")

Dec installed a hot air intake using the stock 1st gen filter on a 2nd gen air filter pipe. 2nd gen is a 180 off the turbo and places the filter between the exhaust manifold and finder next to the cowl. In preparation for the cowl induction hood scoop. With the HAI just befor Christmas at the idaho-montana border I was seeing 11 intake (air at filter) 112 post Turbo, and 9 at the intake manifold. This was with the top 10" of rad blocked with cardbord and 12" of the passanger side (IC hot side ,rad cold side) top to bottom blocked with cardbord also.

Currently working out plans for 2 body kits. 1 to comply with race rules above 150mph and 1 for best practice (daily driving/40mpg) up to 150mph.
Per current race rules Body Mods are extremely Limited for pickups only cars have classes that allow almost full modification. Wile at Bonneville Last Summer I talked to some of the rules folks about getting things more of an even Keel between diesel and gass/fule cars he said nah we got too many classes , as it is there's over 800 classes. Over 200 of those are just for roadsters.

body mods allowed are a bead rail or lower rear deck lid, hood scoop, and grill mods not extended more than 1/4" past a plan farthest forward point of the original bumper and its original position

For 150mph and up will require installing a cage as well.

It depends on which is king HP or TQ as to how much more aero is needed for 130mph
1st gen cummins 91.5 dodge d250 ,HX35W/12
ehxsost manafulld wrap, Aero Tonto
best tank: distance 649gps mi 24.04 mpg 27.011usg
Best mpg : 29.3mpg 97mi 3.311usg 7/27/16

'83 GMC S-15 Jimmy 2door 2wd O/D auto 3.73R&P
'79 Chevy K20 4X4 350ci 400hp msd custom th400 /np205. 7.5-new 14mpg modded befor modding was a thing
87' Hyundai Excel
83 ranger w/87 2.9 L FI2wd auto 18mpg on the floor
04 Mitsubishi Gallant 2.4L auto 26mpg
06 Subaru Forrester XT(WRX PACKAGE) MT AWD Turbocharged 18 plying dirty best of 26mpg@70mph
95Chevy Blazer 4x4 auto 14-18mpg
04 Chevy Blazer 4x4 auto 16-22mpg

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