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solar/space weather

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
We know solar irradance doesn't account for the warning that's what we have said all along. The irradance study they like to use doesn't look at the entire spectrum, it looks at one wave length of UV, the wavelength that just happens to be the one that changes the least.
Plus looking at the EM spectrum ignores everything in the sub light speed solar wind and everything coming in from out side the solar system when there is a lack of solar wind.
I looked online just now and saw that space-based solar observing satellites measure the solar spectral irradiance, from 165nm,to 3000nm,at 0.6nm to 9.5nm spectral resolution,for 10-years now.
Solar wind is space weather,and has nothing to do with the troposphere,where
climate' is.
Even with natural solar output variability,at no time does the solar wind or heliosphere not protect near space and our planet's magnetosphere from relative velocity energetic particles streaming in from outside the solar system.What gets in is basically handled by Earth's magnetosphere.What gets past that doesn't have anything to do with weather or climate.There is never a lack of solar wind.

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