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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
An unimportant context on this particular forum. Perhaps makes sense elsewhere, though.
It’s the only way to sort weight carried from the vehicle itself.

Past payload, what’s the reference which matters? Two seats? Two-cylinder?

How does the MPG at 70 matter if there’s no common ground against which to judge?

If it can’t carry ones family + luggage, it’s not a car, it’s a joke fools play on themselves.

May as well ask how long a 650-mile trip takes. A current Mirage holds 9-gals. Refill at 80% at 40-mpg = 290/miles.

Means as I get 1/2 that number, but have 3X the fuel, I’ll roll past and arrive close to an hour ahead.

With a passenger & gear payload that requires 7-8 Mirage.

So, what’s the point of asking about MPG without a reference?

Taking the bus trumps all of them.


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