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single wavelength

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
For 10 years?
So in another 20 or 30 years it will be relevant.
I was just going buy a study you linked from 1996. I actually read the study. The one you linked went off 1 single wavelength of UV. Turns out that 1996 study was likely junk science.
All the new papers out are saying exactly the opposite of your second paragraph..
No instruments were in place capable of testing that hypothesis until last year.
It was just assumed space conditions didn't effect the earth beyond causing northern lights and that assumption some how got passes off as fact.

If solar wind and cosmic rays don't reach ground level then why do some scientific studies have to be located deep under ground to block out interface from solar wind and cosmic rays?
I don't understand what you're talking about.How does all equal one?
Junk science according to paid climate deniers? How would they even know? How would you know?
The 'climate' is from sea-level,up to 17-kilometers.What happens there is what we're interested in.Infrared radiation that cannot penetrate back to space.
Space weather is not germane to the topic.
The solar wind never directly affects us down on the ground.It collides with the upper atmosphere,creating secondary 'particles',which can,and do make it down here.
Relativistic particles,like neutrinos and some muons just blow through everything.
Some neutrinos pass through the entire Earth and exit the opposite side.You can't block them with anything.However,most 'matter' is just empty space,so it's not surprising at all.
Gamma ray burst would be a bummer.It would sterilize the surface of the Earth facing the bombardment.
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