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ice cores

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I was hoping you would say something like that.
If south American tree rings dont represent the climate for whole world why are ice cores being used to represent the climate for the whole world?
That would be fair and unbiased right?
I am loving this new fairer and less biased climate research coming out.
Ice cores have been collected from both poles,and any glacier,or ice cap,globally,on all continents and islands where they're found.The isotopic statigraphic data is compared to global dendrochronilogical data sets,petrified tree data sets,drowned tree-stump dendrochronology data sets,mud core data sets,coral core data sets,pollen data sets,and stalagtite core data sets.It is from only between 'all' these proxy data,that the 'global' paleoclimate record can be determined.
The paper on South America admitted that these were simply regional data.Perhaps that escaped you.
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