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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I like this idea!

I'd be surprised if nobody in the history of EcoModder has ever done this before (I once thought about doing it with a DC-DC converter powered by 24v).

But the difference today is the availability of cheap used cells and cheap electronics to make it work - almost plug 'n' play.

Planning to try it out?
any Idea if that lithium battery can supply 100-120amps of power?

with everything going were looking at 120-140amps or so in autostop with the A/C on fans going etc..

just the transmission Aux pump requires upto 40-50amps...(sure the peak current is a bit higher)

in that case i would look more into using Super/ULTRA capacitors
to butter up the lead acid battery...

do yo know what the current draw is with the alternator off? if it's more then 10 amps(some rated upto 20amps) you will pop the fuse for the 12 volt socket on the spot

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