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Originally Posted by GK13 View Post
Belly is totally smooth as much as possible from the factory. Must say they did a good job on that front.

I do know that they are trying to make it more off road capable than previous iterations, and thus have raised it up in the air quite a bit. Thats where I'm thinking of doing an air dam like posted earlier on the Chevy Volt might be helpful. I was thinking of adding exactly that where it comes down 90 degrees from the edge to create a square edge. And I thought with it coming out in front of the tire some, it would provide a good air blocking effect to it. Between that and the rear wheel skirts, I'm hoping that might help it.

Found a listing with better pictures. Hope these help some.

Thinking about it, I could possibly put an angled piece from the front edge back to the bumper to eliminate any downforce. Thoughts?
that is wrong

this is a Real air dam

that is just a phony baloney ricer thing

I'm going to lower it all the way to the ground with air dams all the way around with Rubber so it's super flexible

the under body is too much of a mess it's call cutting a corner. :P also possibly a rear side skirt as well plus the tail gate mod

it should net me (35MPG hyw /39MPG city or so) (can sit in 4v DFCO longer)..

for some of the trip 35% i camped out behind a 18wheeler netted 27MPG..

while normally i can only get 24.5 by my self on the same route

if i did 100% of a trip behind a 18wheeler it can be in the 40-45MPG range ..

the vortex the 18wheeler makes allows me to get into 4v DFCO and stay in that mode or at lest Lean burn mode (it's equipped with PWM injectors) and FREE regeneration! as well.. to top it off!
there is a sweet spot behind it where you get free pull

by just aerodynamics alone, as it makes a vacuum..

just watch out some 18wheelers don't have this vacuum effect and could cost you in wasted fuel...

The V formation also works 'vortex surfing' to the left (prefered)or right lane of the trailer 1-2 car lengths behind does the job

this also helps out the trucker netting him better MPG as you become his boat tail. it's a win win!
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