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Originally Posted by EcoCivic View Post
I think you are confusing a CVT with a DCT. Most CVT transmissions use a torque converter (a fluid coupling) like a regular auto instead of a clutch, so they aren't harmed by crawling forwards or backwards. However, some CVTs like the ones found in some Hondas use a start clutch instead of a torque converter, so it's best to avoid crawling in those just like with a DCT.

A DCT (Dual clutch transmission) has no torque converter. Instead, it has clutches that may overheat from slipping and fail if you crawl for a long time, especially under load. The reason for this is because it can't fully engage the clutches until you reach a certain speed or the engine would stall (like letting the clutch out at too low of a speed in a manual transmission). Therefore, the clutches must slip. This quickly makes a lot of heat, which can destroy the clutches if done repetitively or for extended periods of time, especially under load.
couple people all ready blew up the reverse gear when towing good luck just trying to help you out from blowing yours up.. flat land is ok

NO backing up on a hill when towing.. it only took one of them 2 seconds to blow the reverse gear..

the reverse gear runs off the 60kw motor

powered by the engine >electrical power > 60kw motor

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