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A.D.H.D exits, but diagnosis it's a garbage, like most things in psychiatry.

They fail to diagnosis early real A.D.H.D, and also states that a lot of children without A.D.H.D as having A.D.H.D.

And they just give drugs, in a age child brain it's developping.

If it could be early and right diagnosed it would be easier and maybe treated by behavior therapy, stimulus to exercise, playing, nature contact, with fewer or no drugs.
Problby a life "in cage" and fill with eletronics and without live air playing around with other kids, plus parenths ansiety and neurosis of hurry modern life, it's increasing the number of kids with A.D.H.D. Perhaps even high sugar intake too, since it estimulates the brain as a compulsion.

I'm sure that 40 years ago there were more kids with A.D.H.D than they thought back then, since there were fewer right diagnosis of positive. But It's problaly the real incidence today it's quite higher than the real incidence of 50 years ago.

Anyway medicine it's almost always a garbage. They are treating something they don't even know for sure what it is and it develops, using drugs they don't fully know how work in very long term.

And in the end you have doctors making a lot of money prescribing drugs like crazy, even for kids without A.D.H.D. "Take a pill and get away from me."
And you have doctors making movey selling books and lectures saying that A.D.H.D do not exists.
Garbage field!!!

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I read a book by John Taylor Gatto saying that public education should involve sending kids to experience different lines of work and eventually apprentice somewhere that would lead to a job.

I forget who wrote the book that argued that A.D.H.D. doesn't exist, it is always a misdiagnosis of other conditions. It may have been behavioral neurologist Dr. Richard Saul.

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