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The Solo thread is dead! Long live the Solo thread!

Between this, the Archie, the Can Am Spyder, and various used cars...

With snow in Show Low and Phoenix's heat, the enclosure sounds vastly preferable, and in Phoenix's summer I wear short sleeves and shorts, which means I would get a sunburn in the Arcimoto.

I drive my brother to the store a couple of times a week. It would be great if I could do that with vast efficiency, so there are definitely pros and cons.

Somehow a Spyder was involved in my ex's death. I know that she used to text and ride and didn't use a helmet. She sped and was in the fast lane, so undoubtedly she was going fast. Maybe she was focused, but got in over her head. I don't know, but I did not have a good impression of her trike before she died.

It seemed to break down significantly more than my Forester!

Here are the twenty-two steps to change the oil in a Spyder:

It takes 4.5 quarts of synthetic and the manufacturer says to change it every 3,000 miles. Is that normal for a "motorcycle?" Honda says to change the oil in my cars every 7,500 miles, it takes less for around 2l, and I just use the cheap stuff.

For some reason the crazy girl that drove her 1990 Civic 20+ MPH over the speed limit while staring at her phone, even in elk country, that was pulled over for suspicion of DUI, and rear-ended a truck and wanted sympathy (and prescription painkillers) unblocked me and got married.

We first met at a gym, but her Facebook profile is filled with pictures of her with food and drinks.

Hopefully he is a better driver and doesn't let her drive him anywhere.

I liked the two lunchboxes that I rented last year. I did not care for the other cars. I barely felt bad that I scratched the Hyundai, but it looks like USAA will not cover it because I did not keep collision after I turned in the car.

Don't you love dealing with insurance?!
"Oh if you use math, reason, and logic you will be hated."--OilPan4
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