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solar activity

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I was looking up the Banqiao dam break in 1975 that killed 230,000 people.
Caused by super typhoon nina.
Then I figured why leave it at that, I looked up typhoon nina started forming July 28, exploded in size august 1st and second, ran out of steam over land a week later.
Then I figure I'll look up solar activity for 1975 since I believe that was a minimum year and there was probably minimal solar activity during that time. The nasa archives show 1975 was a very low activity sun spot period typical of a minimum year until.... late July through August when the sun "got woke". Sun spots, flaring and CME activity picked up that last week of july, then just by coincidence typhoon nina formed then saw explosive growth until it made land fall.

Remember hurricane Katrina in 2005?
All the believers blamed it on man made global warming.
Look up the space weather the week of katrina. Same deal, late in the solar cycle with very low solar activity, the sun wakes up a little, fires off some flares and we're all reminded why living below sea level is a stupid idea.

So how much longer are the believers going to continue blaming all the big bad cyclones on man made global warming?
*Sunspots have nothing to do with irradiance,so that's not the explanation.
*Even if the atmosphere was completely blown way,there still wouldn't be enough difference in solar irradiance to explain warming.
*Solar flares allow no reliable prediction of magnetic storms which might affect cosmic particles,as their intercept orientation with Earth cannot be predicted.
*Alfve'n waves have as much to do with the magnetosphere as the solar wind,and nobody knows anything about them.
*Even during total solar senescence,the heliosphere is still active.Galactic and intergalactic cosmic particles are always repelled to some degree.
*The only cosmic particles which could affect cloud condensation nuclei,that can reach the lower atmosphere are muons.Electrons and protons can't make it through the atmosphere.
*Cosmic secondary particle production peaks at 15-kilometers altitude.
*Only a very small fraction of those survive down to 525-feet above sea level,where the 'cooling; marine layer clouds might form.
*And the issue with cosmic-sourced cloud condensation nuclei,as responsible for cooling,low-level clouds;is that there is no shortage of cloud condensation nuclei to begin with.Once the troposphere is saturated with them,adding more won't produce any additional clouds.
* However,each winter,there's no water vapor for which clouds can supersaturate and condense from,so it's water vapor,not CCNs responsible for clouds.
*Tropical cyclones form from latent heat of warm sea surface water,above 80-F.Greenhouse gases prevent surface heat from escaping into space, and oceans absorb the heat,feeding the storms.
*Earth has warmed while the Moon has not,even at the identical same distance from the Sun.
*Cosmic particles bombard the Moon with impunity and with no effect.
*The Sun bombards the Moon with the same sunlight with no effect.
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