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UL-Listed 120V Electricity Consumption Meter?

Hello all, I've been trying to track down an electrical consumption meter so I can see how much juice it takes to charge my electric car via LV-1 EVSE. I'd love to do some "fuel logs" after I drive/charge, but the built-in tools in the car don't seem show how much electricity has been consumed during the last charge cycle.

I looked on Amazon and all they have are cheap Chinese knockoffs with creative, nearly-English names and no certifications for safety. I'm hoping to stay under $50 USD if possible, but I understand that might not be realistic.

Does anyone have a lead on this?

I searched the forums a bit and didn't see what I was hoping to find, though I might have overlooked it. Thanks in advance, all.


EDIT: Was this a dumb place to post this? Should I have gone with "Instrumentation" or "Fossil Fuel Free?"

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