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Another nail goes in the coffin today for man as the primary climate driver. Solar orbiter goes up today.
I know all the believers are hoping it blows up on the launch pad like a north Korean ballistic missile test.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Please quote the part of the cartoon that implies all the science is wrong.

My question has always been, what year in the future should we expect global warming to have a net negative impact to humanity? What year in the future will it be harmful to our global economy?

Some people say right now, but as I said, I have eyes and a functioning mind. Others say soon. When? There seems to be a widespread global religion that makes the claim that we must sacrifice on the altar of Mother Nature because there is coming Apocalypse. Those that make a sufficient (arbitrary) sacrifice are righteous, while all the heathens that don't make the sacrifice (or at least pretend to) should be cut off from society.
And that's precisely why they are a cult.
If you don't believe everything is in a state of ongoing catastrophe, everything bad that happens is because of man made global warming and that the world will end soon or questions any part of the narrative you are a denier.
I was willing to side with believers and only asked for some clarification on abstract and ambiguous things and was labeled a denier. Then when I put the abstracts, ambiguity and extreme hostility all together that made me suspicious, as if they were hiding something...
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