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Maybe I'll get a quote from them too.
Why would you not?
Pretty much needs to be ground mount because permitting on a manufactured home is a 60/40 gamble.
2. Oregon law precludes series inverters if solar is installed on a habitable structure.
Maybe that's why? All the 'mobile homes' around me have a structure like a carport roof over them, being RVs. Could the 'ground mount' be on 12ft columns?

FYI —Tesla have conventional panels as well as the glass roof tiles:

Tesla Solarglass V3 Efficiency Revealed

...for quick price
estimates one could use the price per
watt for solar glass of six to seven
dollars per watt compared that with
normal PV installation which is 2.5 to
four dollars per watt the prices here
are not just for the PV panels but for
the total system which includes the cost
for all components like inverters wiring
and also the installation cost...


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