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steller photometry

Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
Let's do a little test.
Here's one of those sources of mine that doesn't exist.
In a nut shell it assignes 2/3 of the global warming we have seen to solar forcing.
Now we wait and watch the believers pretend like it doesn't exist.

The solar orbiter that went up the other day is more brand new instrumentation that is going to study the solar forcing phenomenon.
The data from 1993-1999 would be trash.I've explained why perhaps a year ago.
The data from 1999 on would be in question if the photometers had not been replaced in 1999.And I've already explained that maybe a year ago.
Steller brightness is not the same thing as total solar irradiance.Even the relationship between variability of hydrogen and calcium lines of UV and magnetic activity is unproven.What stars actually do cannot be monitored from Earth,or orbiting satellites.
Those people are free to say whatever they want.And they're perfectly free to be totally wrong.Coincidental is not causal.
The Solar Polar Orbiter won't be looking for anything that wasn't looked at before.It just has a better remote-sensing package aboard.

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