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Originally Posted by serialk11r View Post
You know, instead of speculating and imagining weird conspiracies based on whatever TV you've watched about North Korea or the Soviet Union (which are not China), you can Google yourself to find every other article talking about all the official praise he's getting (highlighting that this is a very rare phenomenon in China too):

He didn't announce the disease, he messaged some doctor friends saying there were cases of SARS. The police brought him in, then he went straight home and was not booked in jail, then came down with the virus and died in the hospital. You can also easily find this if you read some news articles, which y'all clearly didn't.

State media and high level officials have called him a hero, but that's pretty ironic IMO because he didn't set out to warn people at all, it's just that since he died (publicly announced) that public anger exploded.

Come on, this forum is supposed to have fact-based, intelligent discourse, I know you're better than this, redpoint5 and hayden55. I don't want to see the stupidity of the internet reach here.
The man and all 7 of his buddies were booked on misdemeanors for spreading lies and false rumors. All eight of them were required to sign for their crimes and discontinue their conversations about the new virus resembling the coronavirus of 2003 which can spread from human to human. At the time the chinese government was telling everyone it was just wuhan pneumonia and that it was peak flu season. They only reversed the ruling weeks later and announced him a hero later after it was clearly diagnosed as the coronavirus at emergency level after extreme public outrage.

It will be interesting to watch. Wuhan is a huge manufacturing hub. Its effecting businesses here that manufacture from parts produced in Wuhan.
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