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reasonable to state correlation is causation

Originally Posted by redneck View Post
Darn that man made warming...

I guess it’s really happening.


What’s this...???

Geological ‘Hotspot’ Melting Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers, Not Global Warming — Plate climatology


Damm it.

Now we must be causing volcanism somehow...

What’s next...???

It may be reasonable to state,however, causation is not established.Ice-loss-induced tectonic rebound can just as easily explain accelerated fault-stress ruptures as causation for the volcanic activity,turning the table on the volcanologist.
They haven't explained Equatorial oceanic heat transport south.They haven't explained atmospheric heat transport to Antarctica.They haven't explained thermodynamic/haloclinic -induced gyres transporting heat to bottom water at the grounding line.They haven't explained albedo dynamics.They haven't explained foehn winds.They haven't explained reverse-lapse-rate,descending air mass heating at the coastline.Where's the energy balance for the ozone hole?
Is there any allowance for calibration drift on the remote-sensing satellite array,compared to,real-time, in situ measurements taken directly under the ice?When Lonnie Thompson was 'on' Mt. Kilimanjaro,taking temperature readings on the ground,space-based systems were reporting bogus temperatures for the same exact location.Can you vet the satellite data? Can Kamis walk up to space and check the satellite?
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