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This is also an area that adding flexible ETFE coated solar panels, actually does make sense and wouldn't be the bit of a gimmick, that it is on a dedicated electric vehicle. Totally undersized by a factor of 10 if not more in that roll.

While for trickle charging your storage battery, our alternator delete requirements, it's more than adequate.

Ultimately. As Ireland is mostly a fossil gas network grid. I'm looking to go about subversively challenging the wisdom of all-electric cars and making a kind of geo metro/fiat flat twin fuelled with fossil gas, without any alternator parasitic load.

As I'd also think we'd be in the territory of greenest car awards, alongside most affordable to buy,

For cold, damp, windy climates. Were windshield defogging, cabin heating is constant for 6 months out of the year. You kind of definitely see where the internal combustion engine still shines. Doing what electric batteries will always struggle with. Heating.

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