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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I like your idea, however I think Ireland is still close to an ideal place to own an EV at only 300 miles long, and 170 miles wide. That said, I don't know where things are located or what local travel looks like. Perhaps trips of over 200 miles are common?
You're almost absolutely correct on size, the island would be an ideal place for electric if we had a nuclear-hydro grid like France.

It's instead with fossil gas getting burnt to do the charging, the well-to-wheel efficiency, or wisdom of using as is presently the case, some 80% fossil gas to generate electricity, only to dump the "waste heat" to the environment, all to charge an EV car. The operators of which, as nearly the first port of call, put the heating on, to warm the cabin.

Though right now, deleting the alternator(unplugging the fuse that connects it the to electrical load) is the first thing to do.

Having a flat, low "suitcase/tool box" sized housing, were the lithium ions live, seems doable.

Presently. In need of a new lead acid battery anyway at the moment, so while it will come out at some 5 times more expensive than a store bought starter-battery.

It'll pay itself back in under a year of commuter driving.

With lighting/headlights a potential issue running at 16V, anyone recommend a good HID or LED replacement, to save on draining the battery?

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