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Update: Went back and entered in all the fuel receipts that I have in hand, (have them all, just not in one spot) averaged the monthly mpg across all months & over 32K miles the truck is averaging 21.1 mpg. The last 3 months on winter fuel in the PNW area (mild winter), it continues to average 21.

My 2nd air dam mount broke last week, for the 2nd time. Going to need to fab up a better mount for it. Interestingly, it is on the same side as the last time (passenger side) which is telling me there is more force on that side for some reason. Kind of a head scratcher, if anyone has any input on it I'm all ears.

other aero mods still in place, wheel wells, rear tire spats...the bed seals & rear bumper are off, need a permanent solution to the rear bumper issue.
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