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I looked into it, you're right.

Sorry for going off topic but right now I'm listening to Jonathan Ward on Joe Rogan's show
... so I was like all
right let's do a revisionist history
approach to car design so what if
electric cars had remained predominant
in the late 1800s Early 1900s what if we
had taken inspiration from aircraft
design a couple decades prior to when
the industry actually did and then what
if after he did the experimental plane
that age - I think it was what if Howard
Hughes [its satin] down and like he
couldn't get that last starlet to go out
with him right before he lost his mind
completely what if he Buckminster Fuller
and Gordon [burek] sat down and did a
napkin sketch after too many martinis
what would that car look like... ICON’s Helios concept envisions a past that never happened/
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