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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
Without a conventional vertical stabilizer I can see how the B2 would 'hunt' as far as yaw.I doubt that it would recover from spin,the same as it wouldn't recover from stall,as Glen Edwards and crew found out in the YB-49.Fly-by-wire seems to be the only thing between the flight crew and a crash.The Granville Brother's Gee-Bee could have used it.
If you're high enough, Spins are non events in the B2, the split ailerons open up really wide and double as airbrakes when landing. Never thought to ask about stalls because all my experiments with flying wings showed my designs to be bobble stalls or high alpha sink.

I thought the YB 49 broke up inflight during descent.

The Gee-Bee has aileron reversal in high angle of attack conditions, ie around pylons or landing. Not good juju.
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