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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
I wonder if it will really be low $30k? Isn't the normal Rav4 hybrid $30k? If it was say $32 before any credits then that would be a good deal. Sadly I bet it's $40k base.
I'm showing $28k-$37k for the hybrid RAV4. My guess is a base price around $36k, but not sure how many options will be available. Usually plug-ins start at a higher trim level than the non-plugin. Maybe the top end will be $42k?

A base of $36k puts the cost after federal tax credit at around $29k. Some markets like OR and CA have another $2,500 incentive, so that can put it down to $26k, or lower cost than the base hybrid.

I'm telling you, these will sell like hotcakes. People that can't even plug in will buy one if they have the tax liability to take advantage of it.

As an aside, my rough estimation is the additional battery capacity will cost Toyota $2,300 more than the hybrid battery.
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