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I am disappointed that politician did not know that you cannot receive unemployment after quitting, but politicians disappoint me every day.

My sister says that you cannot receive it after being fired for cause, so you cannot tell your boss what you think of them, and then collect free money.

All that I could say to my boss is "Why didn't you get me clients? Another agency is getting cilents in my area!"

[That agency is run by a woman with a legal history of not paying on-time. She has been sued for back pay. She also finds some reason to criticize me each and every time that she sees me. I have many faults, but nothing that she says is valid]

I wouldn't want to leave on poor terms because I would want to return once unemployment runs out.

However, would I get all of my clients back, or would the other S.L.P.A. get them?

So, short-term gain for me, but long-term gain for a woman with the personality and kindness of my sister.

I will pass!

The thing is, now that we can [and should] do teletherapy, we can have clients all over the state, but my boss said that this is only temporary, we will quickly return to home visits.

No we won't!

I hate to think of some city folk picking up clients in my area. Since she will not be driving all over, that other S.L.P.A. can pick up more clients.

What I like is that they authorized tele evaluations. I have had a client waiting for an evaluation for over three months!

The policy is that if you do not live in the Phoenix area, they will send out the traveling evaluator when you need five evaluations, but I have only had the one.

For over three months.

As soon as they said that the Governor authorized tele evaluations I asked if my pending client would finally get evaluated.

"Uh... I will ask So-and-so."


"Uh... I will ask your supervisor if she wants to."

Come on! I am trying to make a living here!

Right now there is only one agency advertising in the Phoenix area with comparable pay. They actually advertise $1 an hour more for a W-2 employee than my agency pays 1099 contractors.

The thing is, I know her, and I don't like her.

She reached out to me when I was new and all that she did was criticize my then employer, who I did like and respect, I just wish that she got me more clients.

I did not feel that the other woman was being fair or professional and it turned out that she was trying to mislead me.

Maybe she could get me a good caseload out here, but that still does not seem like an atmosphere that I want.
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