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Originally Posted by Xist View Post

So, I need to reschedule one of my teletherapy sessions and Mom had me dig out one of her old dust masks, even though I have a respirator.

We only have two dust masks left and we still have weeks left of this getting worse.
2 should be plenty. You aren’t throwing them away after each use are you?

Come home, take it off in the garage, let it sit there until you need it next week. A week is double the time COVID 19 can live on any surface.

This does require you to get organized and make a list of everything you need for the week and get it all in one shopping trip.

Does anyone else in your family need any other meds in the next month?
Can you get a multiple month supply?
What food do you need for the next week?
Etc, Etc

Make a list, check it twice, ask anyone else if they need anything for this weeks one and only trip out of the house.

My last trip to the store was 27-March. We will need milk in 1-2 days and we will go out and get everything on our list.
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