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I used to only make phone calls and do paperwork from home, but now I work twenty hours a week for the school and currently see three teleclients.

Then my Monday clients on the reservation completely quit. I am going to try one last time and send a Zoom invitation.

I used to drive two hours a week for them and two hours for three clients on Tuesday. A mom canceled for the duration of TPGate, but I only saw her kid once last quarter and once the previous.

There was rarely a drive time. They live pretty close and I usually saw them on my way back from other families.

I also haven't driven to Phoenix in months. It turns out that I have an N95 respirator. My sister doesn't want it so I will call the Phoenix VA--after I go grocery shopping with it.

Ooh! I could go grocery shopping at Winco!

USAA announced they were returning 20% of two months' payments to members for a total of $520 million.

$520,000,000 / $38.18 = ?

They had 11.9 million members in 2016. If the average member is receiving as much as I am there are 13.62 million of us.
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