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I started looking at ways to do my car months ago, and found little information.

Was about to do some serious number crunching when I came by this thread

106 friend!!!

Any chance, you could show us all how you constructed the tail? Did you keep the standard hatch and cut the inside out to leave a frame to attach the sheet metal too - giving you a hinge and a latch to hold it? I was going to do my tail floor a bit steeper providing I can keep the flow from underneath attached.

Are your wheels discs just held in place by a screw in the centre, the standard hub cap is beneath this?

I'm using the 1.5 Diesel engine in mine. It manages 55mpg (real) 45mpg (US) and I give it a hard time. The best I ever got from it was 84mpg imp but I've only ever managed that once.

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