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How to Eco-drive the VW PD TDI Diesel

I am starting this thread to pass on my experience driving my TDI Golf. I am the second owner of this car and purchased it when it was new enough that people on TDIclub said you could not get good mileage with the PD engine. (This engine has the high pressure fuel injectors built into the top of the head and driven by the cam.) I did a lot of reading and started doing some mods and my mileage started to improve. One of the great things about the TDI is that you can drive it like you stole it and still get nearly 40 mpg. (see the lowest entry in my fuel log)

The first key to driving a diesel efficiently is to buy the right car for its intended use. Diesels are great highway cars. This engine is most efficient when it is fully warmed up and it uses very little fuel, even at idle, so it warms up quite slowly, especially compared to a gasoline/petrol engine. It is not the best choice for short trips running errands around town. Buy a used Leaf for that. (Or better yet a bicycle). If your regular commute has a lot of stop and go traffic or city driving a hybrid would be a better choice. If many of your trips can be an hour or more of open highway, you may love the TDI with a manual transmission. Mk IV automatics were not reliable, are heavier and less efficient.

Many of these tips will apply to the newer TDIs. These can be a relative bargain right now as "fixed" ones are showing up with extended factory warranties.

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