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DWB- Driving Without Brakes

Driving Without Brakes? There was a quote on this site a few years ago that said "If you are using your brakes you are doing it all wrong". Of course no one can drive without ever using the brakes and I want everyone to drive safely, first and foremost. The idea is to use the brakes sparingly. Someone here also said that when you use the brakes "you are turning fuel into brake dust". This means that if you come roaring into a stop you use heat friction to slow the car when you could have anticipated the stop and coasted and/or engine braked much sooner while using much less fuel. Therefore, roaring up to a stop wastes fuel. I have nearly 110,000 miles on my Golf and I am still on the original brake pads. They look nearly new and I live in the Rocky Mountains. Obviously I use the brakes as little as possible and I do not have to deal with stop and go traffic very often.
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The power needed to push an object through a fluid increases as the cube of the velocity. Mechanical friction increases as the square, so increasing speed requires progressively more power.

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