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Originally Posted by ennored View Post
A similar setup was used on British Touring Cars back in the 90's. The radiators were mounted low. Air came in the lower opening, through the radiators, and was ducted out the sides, just ahead of the front tires.

Front the front it looked like the tires were exposed, sort of unfinished. Found an image (well almost, thanks photobucket) of just the splitter. You can see the ducts, and the slots where twin radiators go. From a 3/4 front you can see the inlet and outlet.

Downforce was a the driving factor though. But I bet it was good for drag too.

(C8 Corvette has radiators in the front corners too. The outlet air flows directly into the wheel wells though, not really directed in any direction.)
Looking at those pictures made me remember how fun the TOCA video game was. That made me look up what happened to the series and saw that they have a pretty new version out, so I just ordered a used copy of Grid Autosport 2014 off ebay.

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