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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
The best potential improvement would be to project the curve of the shed's top corners to the forward ends of the outer trusses. This would be a simple curve.

Else you could start with a triangle and bend the tips or slit and overlap as necessary to make a shallow cone shape.
For the face sheet, it looks like the leading edge of the center truss just kicks up a bit too much, closer to 1/8" when trial-fit to the truck versus the 1/4" measure on a bench. I'm confident I can remedy this by drilling out the rivets connecting it to the rear panel and shimming it before re-riveting it.

My plan for the side panels is to make them flat 1/8" aluminum, bottom-hinged, sloping to continue the taper of the cab. Once I get those in place and working well, I'll make face panels for them (fastened from behind) that can ease the transition to the top corners, I think your projected curve idea would serve well there, and easy enough to do with a non-corrugated CAD pattern.

These side panels would be able to be removed and/or reshaped in the future when I re-taper the profile of the cap in the more radical phase, keeping the deflector well-suited to that future shape.
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