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Originally Posted by ptitviet View Post
Yup happy to share my observations (with my '15 Octavia 3 1.6TDI Greenline Combi). I do not use pulse and glide a lot on my car, as it tends to be less useful when the engine is not too powerful (my former car was a 265hp Renault Megane RS and I could get almost 2l/100km less by using pulse and glide). I only do hill pulse and glide by pulsing up and gliding down. When coasting I switch AC off as it the engine is less efficient when idling.

No mods on my car, only folding passenger mirror on long highway trips.

Until now I have owned the car one winter and got 48mpg (4.9l/100km) which is not bad with short trips uphill to the ski resorts and winter tyres. I am hoping to meet 3l/100km mark this summer with long holiday trips on secondary roads (80-90km/h). With winter tyres and longer trips (30km) I can already get about 4L/100km (58mpg), thanks also to the very good aerodynamics (0.59m2 measured by me thanks to Matlab).

I'd be happy to try front grille cover, but I am not very good with my hands and do not want to put something with no good finish on the car.
In post #4 I stated that I will run the A/C full blast on a 7 mile downhill near me to increase engine braking effect (or heat and wipers and rear window defroster in winter). When I am E-On coasting the A/C and all accessories except the radio are off to reach the highest mpg during the glide phase.

It looks like you are already getting great mpg in your Octavia. I believe it is similar to the Golf AllTrak that we can get here in the States. I used foam pipe insulation (it can be purchased in black) and pushed it between the grill bars on my Golf. I think it looks pretty stealthy and is easily removed if needed.

I fold my driver’s side mirror on the highway and removed the passenger mirror completely. I have small convex mirrors on each side but do head checks too.
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The power needed to push an object through a fluid increases as the cube of the velocity. Mechanical friction increases as the square, so increasing speed requires progressively more power.
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