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Originally Posted by Natalya View Post
Not about the dollars, all about the numbers. Gotta get those MPG numbers up.

I'm driving a 2000 Insight with LTO conversion.

So Ethanol Free >> Ethanol for the MPG numbers, but which octane should I be buying? Some gas stations near me have 90 others have 87.

On my fuel log I track the gas type used. That's the 2020 log, you can find my older log (Pre-Lithium) in there as well.
since it has VVT buy the highest octane you can afford you will be able to pull a higher timing on it

with 87 i barely get 18.5/18.5

91 octane 23/31.2mpg it's able to pull a tight timing of upto 42 degrees advancement with it

it's normally around 27-35 degrees on average

with 87 oct 12.5 degrees advancement is where it tops out at retards the timing in AFM mode to about -2 to -12 degrees it would also rapid flip flop between v8 and v4 (sure that can;t be good for the engine)

it's more likely to search for gears with 87 octane

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