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Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
Ca had 3 different classes of Lic. plates for automobiles.
1x11111 commercial
1xx1111 SUV
1xxx111 car
The commercial plate is required on commercial vehicles or SUVs and cars when used for commercial purposes.

I'm willing to bet you don't have car plates. Especially given the fact that you pay the weight fee that only existed in commercial vehicle class . ( Circa 2000)
Ca will issue a car plate for a pickup provided it has a "camper shell permanently attached" and it is never to tow or be loaded with so much as a bag of groceries. I had a friend at work that castrated his pick up like that, we joked at work that he had a glorified station wagon that seated 2 ( bucket seets) And he would grumble and say that his wife wouldn't let him have the extra fifty bucks a year for registration ,his was '82 C10 1/2 ton 2x4.

I haven't given California a dollar for registration since I moved out of California 20 years ago when I went in the army ,so my registration information is dated and I could lose money on this bet. However I don't see California reducing any inflow of Monies by any means other than making people leave.
I have car plates since it's an enclosed cab "permanently attached"
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