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Octane (number) is only relevant to compression ratio. (Pre ignition)

The additive package is whatís really relative to any performance gains.

Go to a race track or airfield and buy gas. (110 octane race gas or 130 avgas)

Currently (approximately) around $4-6 per gal.

Youíll see what real gas can do...

When I was young and spilled some gas you dare not light a cigarette or create a spark unless you didnít care about your eyebrows. Now you almost have to hold the flame to it to make it burn.

How things have changed.

Petroleum Companies figured out how to extract the chemical compounds in consumer grade fuel for other products (more profit) while leaving the bare amount necessary for ignition in a internal combustion engine.

There is a silver lining with todayís E85 though. One can build a high hp , high compression engine (15 to 1) to easily take advantage of the high Octane number (108) .

Research where your fuel comes from. As there can be noticeable differences. Brand names usually have their own storage tanks (additives) that they pull from but not always. No name gas stations usually get whatever is available through the bulk distributor. (Crap shoot)

Seriously, try some race or avgas and let us know what happens.

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