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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Thing is higher octane does not necessarily increase economy.

In fact diesel increases economy In part due to more BTUs

If the op is truly only going for only max fuel economy she could do this

If that is done I would recommend mixing it with the 90efree, because modern diesel is lower sulphur than gas the emissions are lower as well.

Again would be an interesting experiment
I never said a higher octane number would...

I forgot about them containing lead...

Come to find out they make unleaded race fuel...

This particular one has a high btu. value.

Adding diesel fuel to gasoline will lower the octane number possibly below which the PCM is able to adjust timing for thus decreasing efficiency and increasing pollutants.

Like I said it has everything to do with the additive package. Shell makes a premium gasoline that is sold at the pump called V power + nitro that contains an advanced additive package.

I would try the Shell V-power + Nitro.

Its the least expensive and easiest to purchase.

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