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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
We were supposed to see at least 200,000 and possibly millions killed by China virus even with the lock down. Reminds me a lot of the global warming predictions and how we have to do all kinds of ridiculous nonsense to save our selves.
Must be read herring sesson in texas.
*A very bad flu season in the USA is 60,000 dead,in 12-months.
*As of yesterday we were at 58,300 dead for about a month-and-a-half.
*Extrapolating for a twelve-month period suggests 466,400 deaths in the USA.
*No one knows in advance how long the virus will be with us,or if it will return.
*Obviously,human life means nothing to over one half the US population,so anything to protect it WOULD appear to be 'ridiculous',and 'nonsense'.
All the anthropogenic greenhouse gases are still in the atmosphere,and will be for a thousand years.Warming must continue,it's just physics.If you know how to add,then the trend is obvious.
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