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what kind

Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
That's a straight line. What kind of epidemiological curve-fitting produces that?

I hear abortions and castrating little boys is down due to Corona-chan.
For a nation that doesn't understand arithmetic,I'm extrapolating the most simplistic mind picture I can imagine.
If 15,000 dead is a typical flu year,and 3X that is a 'bad' flu year,then having 58,300 dead in a month and a half could represent that,if all infection/mortality curves are added together,for all fifty states,and 12-months,simple arithmetic gets us to a possible 466-thousand,by March,2021.
Depending on how many Bolsanaro's are out there in the world,by the time the virus has visited everyone on a jet plane,we could be looking at millions dead.Unless New Zealand gets to run all governments.
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