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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
My understanding at the moment (which changes since the scientific method consistently brings about new evidence) is that the mortality rate of CoVid-19 is similar to the flu, or about 0.01%. Herd immunity stops the spread of the disease at about 60% of population exposure. That,s 200,000 people exposed in the US. 0.01% of those would be 200,000 deaths, which is how I derive my estimate.

My understanding of the nightly news is that it's heavily left leaning, so am I understanding correctly that you imply the left leaning half of the population don't care about protecting life?

I don't buy that premise at all.

Politically, the left places more faith in governmental institutions to solve problems, and the right places more faith in markets and individuals. There's some healthy balance to strike between those values.
*the mortality rate must be understood within the context of the infection rate,which is rated at 10X that of the flu.
*their hasn't been enough testing to have identified the spatial and temporal distribution of the virus.
*'infected' Americans can be asymptomatic and freely infecting others,without any 'indications.'
*nobody in the USA 'knows' Covid-19s impact at present.
*your comment about herd immunity is unfounded.Nobody knows.
*you will know who owns the media by the advertising they carry.Hardly the 'left'.
*the electoral college that elected Trump can be taken as a representative ,metric for the percentage of the US population which,by default,is not interested in human welfare,unless it's judged by the Chicago School of Economics.Same folks who brought us the economic meltdown of 2007..........
*Hairdos are more important than health.It's all over the airwaves.
*'Check your premises.' (Ayn Rand)
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